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The Children’s Hour

Host, Katie Stone 

Eclectic, energetic, enriching radio for kids of all ages!  We make children’s radio broadcasts that enhance any public radio station schedule with educational and entertaining programming.  


The Children’s Hour is a radio show by and for kids which broadcast on more than 100 public radio stations, worldwide, including KXCR 90.7FM right here in Florence, Oregon.  The show is produced by Katie Stone with help from a dedicated crew of young people and their parents.  Our theme-based programs focus on educational gaps in civics, science, technology, history, culture and nature.  Our music is some of the best you’ll find on any show, and its kids friendly to boot.  You never know what you’ll learn, but we promise to keep you entertained in the process.  


Join us for our livestream every Saturday at 9:00 am and right here on KXCR 90.7FM

For more information and access to recent episodes please visit

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