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April 2021 Newsletter / A Letter from our President, Gigi Lassan

Updated: Mar 2

Dear KXCR Friends and Listeners,

As KXCR celebrates its 7th anniversary I wish to sincerely express my gratitude to all our listeners, underwriters, volunteers, board of directors and so many of you that have been supporting our local public community radio. Everyone has devoted so much time to help improve, invigorate and shape KXCR.

This anniversary made me look back a few years when a team of founders launched KXCR. Eternally grateful to Rand Dawson, Bill Durst, Mary Lehman, Don Landstrom, Zach Ruhl, Stuart and Joanna Henderson, Rich Urlich, Steve Webster, Richard Kohler, Steve Ingham, everyone at West Lane Translator and so many more! It took 10 years of labor, dedication and commitment before KXCR was even on the air! They fought for it because they recognized the crucial need of a public radio for our community. KXCR has come a long way since and our commitment to our listeners remains steadfast: Educate, Inform, Entertain, and Inspire!

We are excited and energized as we enter our next chapter. We are proud of all KXCR has accomplished but to continue to provide you with great programming we need your help.

As KXCR launches its membership drive during the months of April and May, we will welcome your financial support. Our day-to-day operation expenses have increased and our equipment, purchased used few years ago, needs to be replaced!

Without your help, KXCR can not and will not remain! Will you consider becoming a KXCR member and or donate to help us continue to serve our community? You will find our donate button at: You may also send us a check at KXCR 90.7fm, P.O. Box 127, Florence Oregon 97439.

With heartfelt thanks,

Gigi Lassan,

President - Board of Directors

What’s New from KXCR 90.7?

Such exciting times at KXCR. Where do we start? First and foremost, we now own our building on 9th Street, with great thanks to Bill Durst and Mary Lehman, our founding members that helped bring KXCR into existence. We are tremendously grateful. This could not have been done without their incredible generosity and their trust in us.



Mark Your Calendars for a

Live Show with Maggie & Karen!

When: Saturday, April 24th from noon to 7 p.m.

KXCR Community Radio is proud to say we have been around for SEVEN YEARS!

Join in our celebration with your hosts, Maggie Bagon from Montana Maggie and Karen Hazelwood from Dirty Laundry! Music, special in studio interviews and much more. Tune in or stream us live to support your local, non-profit, commercial free radio station!

Announcing the KXCR Membership Drive!

We value and appreciate all the support from our loyal listeners over the past 7 years. Thank you for keeping us on the air!

With the purchase of our building, plans to upgrade our studio equipment, and increased monthly operating costs, we need your support more than ever. Visit & click the DONATE button.

With your membership or monthly donation you will receive:

BRONZE Membership $25 - Includes an invitation to Membership Appreciation Day & KXCR Open House! Come check out our improvements.

(Date TBA post COVID.)

SILVER Membership $50 - Membership Appreciation Day Party & Open House AND this fabulous KXCR canvas shopping bag!

GOLD Membership $100 - Membership Appreciation Day Party & Open House, KXCR canvas shopping bag and you’ll be entered into a monthly contest to win fabulous prizes!

PLATINUM Membership $1000 - Membership Appreciation Day Party & Open House, KXCR canvas shopping bag and you’ll be entered into a monthly contest to win fabulous prizes! A fabulous dinner for 2 at Waterfront Depot.

Did you know…

KXCR has about 40 local shows currently in our programming? Check out the latest shows here:

Maggie Bagon- News and Commentary with Maggie Bagon Tuesday 2pm

Jerry Schneider- The City Manager's Desk- Monthly with Erin Reynolds

Frances Klippel with Guiding Meditation Sunday mornings at 10 a.m.

Karen from Dirty Laundry is happy to announce the return of Christine every Wednesday evenings at 8 p.m, Medical Monday, and many others.

Thanks to a generous grant from Western Lane Community Foundation, we are $5,000 closer to being able to purchase new, much needed equipment for our studio.

KXCR has had some fabulous interviews we hope you have heard, but if not, you can go to, type in KXCR Community Radio, scroll down to playlists and find hundreds of archived shows!

Look for our most recent interviews with our local, amazing community soon.

Josh Greene from The Archives

Jeremy Austen from Austentatious

Patt Sapp from The Playhouse

David Lauria, Director, Actor

Cindy Wobbe from The Good Deed Project


Support for KXCR programs are made possible by:

  • PeaceHealth

  • Three Rivers Casino

  • Oregon Pacific Bank

  • Master Recyclers of Florence

  • AIC Insurance

  • MBT Marketing

  • TR Hunter Real Estate

  • Mooney Marketing

  • As well as our KXCR friends and listeners contributions

A huge THANK YOU! and follow us on IG and FB

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