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Big Thanks To The Master Recyclers For Underwriting KXCR!

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Who are the Master Recyclers of Lane County?

They have been bridging the gap between awareness and action by informing and helping people reduce solid waste in all aspects of their lives. They generate interest and enthusiasm for the three Rs… Recycle, Reduce, Reuse!… offer friendly recycling help, and provide an alternative to paper and plastic dishware and utensils used in events by bringing their own durable banquet items to your gathering. (To borrow dishware from Florence Master Recyclers call 541-590-0506.

The question most often asked is “Can this be recycled?” Where do you find the answer?  Call your local Master Recycler or find out here:

And join us in January. You too can become a Master Recycler. 

The  Master Recyclers Program motivates us to move beyond the bin by considering alternatives to the currently accepted “rate of replacement” for durable goods, and by increasing awareness about the true cost of convenience and the burden disposable items place on our oceans and land. 

For more information about the Lane County Master Recycler Program visit or call 541-682-2059. The next Florence class will be held at Lane Community College, 3149 Oak St, beginning in January 2021.

Florence Master Recyclers are on Facebook:



Kelly Bell, Master Recycler Program 541-682-2059

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