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Become an underwriter for KXCR


As a non-profit community-oriented radio station, KXCR allows sponsorship in the form of underwriting. Underwriters receive a number of on-air acknowledgments during a general broadcast period (such as a week or month). At this time specific show endorsements are not available. Underwriting KXCR provides an opportunity to promote your local business, work, or entity while supporting KXCR’s community mission and programming.

As a true community radio station, we depend on sponsors like you to allow us to stay on the air. Our hard-working volunteers are steadily building 90.7 FM KXCR into a vital community resource, providing intelligent programs in a diverse manner. Topics include news (local and national), community issues, culture, education, and music.

Sponsors creating a message to be broadcast on KXCR should keep in mind that the noncommercial nature of KXCR’s service is highly valued by listeners.

On-Air Announcements generally include 3 sentences:

  1. The first sentence includes KXCR’s standard intro identifying the name of the business or organization that is providing underwriter support.

  2. The second sentence includes a value-neutral description of the sponsor’s products and/or services and may include up to four primary products and/or services.

  3. The third sentence outlines the location of the sponsor and may include street address, phone number, web address and/or a slogan that identifies but does not promote.

Announcements may NOT include:

  • Superlative, qualitative, or comparative descriptions designed to promote a company and/or its products or services

  • A call to action

  • Price or value information

  • An inducement to buy, sell, rent or lease (such as a sale)

Sample announcements:

“KXCR is supported by Silver Lining Boutique.  Silver Lining provides women’s apparel, accessories and gifts and has served the Florence community for more than 15 years.  Silver Lining Boutique is located on Hwy 101 and 22nd street in Florence.”



Who will you reach?

KXCR’s listening area originates in Florence and extends outward to Mapleton, Deadwood, Reedsport, and North to Cape Perpetua. There are up to 20,000 listeners in our broadcast area and research shows that people who listen to community radio strongly support those organizations that demonstrate a commitment to keeping them on the air.

The cost

Compared to traditional forms of advertising, underwriting is a bargain. It reaches a wide variety of people at only pennies-per-second air time and less than that per listener. For a more detailed cost structure, contact our underwriting coordinator.


  • Minimum clutter – by airing a limited number of announcements per hour, your message receives listener attention

  • Underwriting satisfaction – (i.e. the Halo effect) Underwriting enhances your image, projects quality and stability resulting in listeners being more apt to do business with the underwriter.

  • Community audience – KXCR’s listeners differ from the average radio listener. Non-commercial radio provides access to an audience not available through mainstream radio.

  • Additional exposure – We list our sponsors on this website’s homepage

  • Outreach – By supporting KXCR, you’ll be supporting culture, diversity, education and direct community interaction.

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